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Apr 28

Reader's Block

Posted on April 28, 2016 at 10:47 AM by Steve Messick

We’ve all heard of writer’s block but I believe you can have reader’s block too. As a true reader who avidly, continually and obsessively reads books this can be a true nightmare. As a child I always had my nose in a book and was often caught reading by nightlight with a blanket over my head. As an adult I buy handbags that will comfortably hold a book and an eReader so that I always have something to read. I even keep spares in my trunk. Who knows when you might be stranded? Not having a book can cause immediate panic! This being said what can be worse than not having a good book?

Not being able to mentally focus on, absorb or enjoy a good book! What I call Reader’s Block!

What can cause this awful lull in one’s life we won’t even begin to delve into, we just want to find that one book that will pull us back into a reader’s happy place.

For me this starts, of course, in the library and it always has. A true reader knows the love of a good library. To walk among the stacks and imagine all the stories and places written between the covers just sparks interest in me. I love mysteries, historical fiction, a creepy horror and just a really good novel any day! Finding a good book has never been a problem. Having a good book and not being able to get into it can be!

What to do? Find something new to spark your interest! If you’re a mystery reader you might try a comedy, something with a little humor to lighten up your mind. Jane Heller is a hoot! If you enjoy a mushy romance give historical fiction a shot. I highly recommend The Leper by Steve Thayer. You might even give Sci-Fi a shot. I really enjoyed The Martian by, Andy Weir and I am not a

Fantasy or Sci-Fi fan.  Sometimes it’s good to broaden out and try a different

Genre, step out of your normal read.  For me during my last slump or block, I found browsing the non-fiction eased my mind. Now I wasn’t talking Plato or World Politics. No I was skimming cookbooks, travel books and leafing through my favorite house plan books. This was just to occupy myself mindlessly which we sometimes need to do. From there I moved up to poetry with some Frost and Browning and found Oink: My Life With Mini Pigs delightful! Who knows I may pick up a good Biography next.

If you are still having trouble concentrating on your book you may even want to try a different approach altogether. I have sometimes found listening to someone read relaxing. For this you can listen to a book on CD or download an audio from our Overdrive site. I am often enjoying a good novel while keeping a non-fiction close by and listening to something light and entertaining while I walk or drive.

I guess what I’m getting at is this…

If you are a voracious reader by heart and you wake up one day and just can’t do it, don’t panic! Life is not over as you know it. Your heart still loves books but your mind may just need a rest. Reading is reading. Pick up a magazine, rifle through a book with pictures, find an old childhood favorite, read a total different genre and remember reading is for you. For your enjoyment. Read what delights and entertains your imagination.

Till next time if you need a good suggestion you know where to find me? …. At the Library silly!!