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Dec 03

[ARCHIVED] Maker Monday: Paper Icicle Crafts

The original item was published from December 7, 2020 to December 7, 2020 9:13 AM

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Welcome to this week's Maker Monday activity! As you can see by the title, we'll be focusing on creating icicle themed papercrafts. I have two separate crafts here for you to try, and hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Geometric Icicle DIY Ornaments by Easy Peasy and Fun

I really liked the shape and clean lines of this craft.  It looks complicated but it was easy to make!

Step 1. Print out the geometric icicle template on white or colored copy paper.  (You can also use construction paper for this craft.)
Geometric Paper Icicles 1

Step 2. Score the perforated lines using a ruler and the back of a butter knife.
Geometric Paper Icicles 2

Step 3. Cut around the black outlines on the paper.
Geometric Paper Icicles 3

Step 4. Gently fold along the perforated/scored edges.
Geometric Paper Icicles 4

3-D Folded Paper Icicle Craft

I enjoyed making this craft!  It was fun to create an icicle with basically just paper and glue!

Step 1. Print out the 3D Icicle template on white, blue or any color copy paper you like.
3D Icicles 1

Step 2. Cut out 2 triangles and slightly overlap and glue the large ends together.  Turn one triangle facing up and the other facing to the right.  
3D Icicle 2

Step 3. Fold the top triangle over the other one.  Then rotate the triangle ¼ turn counterclockwise and fold the top triangle over.  
3D Icicles 3

Step 4. Continue doing this until you run out of paper! Glue the ends together.  If you end up with one triangle end longer, just “crinkle” it up.  
3D Icicles  4

Step 5. If you want to, you can add glitter to the edges of your icicle.  Using a brush, you can paint on glue or just use a glue stick.  The larger type glitter was easier to apply with a brush and white glue, but the super fine glitter worked well just using a glue stick.  
3D Icicles 5

Step 6. Attach a hanger made from twine or yarn, using a piece of tape.   You can do this step before applying glitter if you want to!
3D Icicles 6

Step 7. Your completed 3D folded icicle ornament!
3D Icicles 7