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Nov 02

[ARCHIVED] Maker Monday: Beaded Calico Corn

The original item was published from November 16, 2020 to November 2, 2020 2:56 PM

Maker Monday: Beaded Calico Corn

Fall is here and since it is my favorite season I decided to share this festive beaded calico corn craft with you today. It is very simple to make and can also be used as decoration.

Getting Started

For this project you will need four pipe cleaners and 120 pony beads in the colors of your choice.


Step One

Line up all four pipe cleaners, making sure they are even, and then twist them together at the middle.


Step Two

Space out each end (there should be eight) so that they are in the shape of a star.


Step Three

Place beads on each of the eight pipe cleaners. I used 15 beads per pipe cleaner and it worked out really well.


Step Four

Now you want to shape your corn. Start bending each pipe cleaner upwards and twist the ends together to secure the beads. Be sure to fan out the ends so that it looks like a husk.


Finished Product

You can make as many as you want in all different colors.