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Oct 15

Week of October 16th, 2020

Posted on October 15, 2020 at 12:22 PM by Jenny Levins

Salutations, all!

Guess what, we are half way through October already! Can you believe it? I hope everyone is doing well and the littles are behaving.

I’ve been trying to cover some helpful ways to speak with the little ones (in a way they can understand) about current events and issues happening around us. I hope my prior topics have been of some assistance.

We all know preschoolers love to talk and ask LOTS of questions. They are constantly looking and listening. They are fascinated by the world around them. We also know preschoolers listen and pay attention to a lot of what is said, especially when we’re not directly talking to them. Although they don’t quite understand what’s going on, they do have ears and will attempt to repeat what they hear…mostly with other kids, teachers and caregivers.

Election time is stressful for us as adults and truth is there’s no way to get around it or avoid it. It’s all over television, internet and discussed in most households. Most would think talking to a preschooler about the election or voting is unnecessary. Most adults wait until children are at least school age before introducing this sort of information, but ultimately it should start when the children start to ask questions or voice what’s heard from another source…. sometimes those children are preschoolers. It could definitely be a very uncomfortable situation to address or explain to such young children.

Experts suggests talking about the concept of voting rather than politics with the younger children. What you may not realize, these children are already voting, whether it’s for a classroom pet, what they want to eat for their lunch, or what book they want the teacher to read at story time. 

You really don’t have to dive in that deep with 4 and 5-year olds, they just need a simple explanation they can understand. Just be mindful of what you say and how you say it.  I would leave the more detailed information up to the parents, and by all means, don’t mention your own personal views.

If you need more guidance on this sensitive topic please refer to these resources that may help.
Here are some great books for this age group that bring the election process to a level the littles can hopefully understand.

Max for President” by Jarrett Krosczka – Max wants to be president of his class and so does his friend Kelly. The problem is, there can only be one president. This is a story about caring, good sportsmanship and the election process on a child’s level.

My Teacher for President” by Kay Winters – This little boy points out all the reasons his teacher would be a great President of the United States as long as she waits until the school year is over.

Duck for President” by Doreen Cronin – Duck feel as if he is working a little too hard for Farmer Brown and feels as if he can run the farm, state and the country more efficiently.

You may not have to use these resources or books but if you do, I hope you find them to be helpful. As always, if you have questions, concerns or ideas please feel free to contact me.

Ms. Shannon


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