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Sep 17

[ARCHIVED] Extra, Extra! Read all about our new books!

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(Seriously, they are very newsworthy.)

Hello Everyone!

We are Ms. Shannon, Ms. Alexa, and Ms. Hannah and we are so excited about some of our new books! You may know Ms. Shannon from outreach and storytimes and Ms. Hannah from storytimes and teen programs. Ms. Alexa just started in Youth Services in May, but you will definitely see her more in our online content.


The Library, Express Books & YOU! (you are pretty awesome and so are our Express Books!)
We love our new books and hope you do, too. If you see anything you like mentioned here, feel free to place a hold through our catalog or fill out an express book form requesting new books or staff picks with this link. Express books are a great way for us to help you find some books you might like (and they may help you find something you never even thought about reading!). 

You can fill out the form online or give us a call at 704-878-3090, menu option 4 for Children’s or option 5 for Teens. 

New Easy Books

Hi All—It’s Ms. Shannon! 

It’s so hard to pick just a couple when you have such fantastic new picture books. When picking out books I tend to look at a few key factors. Are the illustrations colorful and vibrant? Do the illustrations fit the story well? Does the story flow well so the younger children can keep up? Does it “pop”, meaning is it funny, interesting, and able to keep the children’s attention? Is it interactive? And, after reading it, will the children ask you to read it again?

A couple new books that touched my heart and soul were “Hair Love” and “Thank You Omu.” These award winners are full of diversity and have life-like situations that are easily relatable. 
“Hair Love” by Matthew Cherry and illustrated by Vashti Harrison is about a little African American girl named Zuri who’s beautiful, lively, and has hair that fits her perfectly! Her hair has a mind of its own for sure…it curls, coils, and certainly kinks. All those things are ok with Zuri, until the day she needs her dad to fix her hair just right. Daddy does just that in this book flooded with love between a girl and her hero…I mean, dad. It has delightfully detailed pictures with just the right amount of sass.

Hair Love, Matthew A. Cherry

“Thank You Omu!” by Ore Mora is my second choice.  Another diverse Caldecott Honor and Coretta Scott King Award winner, this book warms your heart in more ways than one. Omu generously shares her delicious stew with everyone in the neighborhood, but will there be enough left for her? Find out in this book about love, community, and huge hearts. The cut-out type illustrations will definitely keep the little one’s attention.

Thank You, Omu!, Oge Mora

New Juvenile Books

This is Ms. Alexa and I order the Juvenile books at the library. There are two new fiction books that I am really looking forward to reading this month. The first one is called Curse of the Night Witch and this book is about three kids who have to track down the Night Witch. Tor Luna lives on Emblem Island where markings on his wrist determine his path in life. When he wishes to change his path, dire consequences are soon to follow. To change his life around, he must seek out the Night Witch and undo the curse.

Curse of the Night Witch, Alex Aster

The second fiction book I’m excited about is Glitch. In this book, only a few people can become Glitchers. The two main characters have to go back in time and make sure that important historical events still happen. These two, Regan and Elliot, consider themselves to be enemies and have to put aside their differences in order to undertake a secret, special task—going to the past to change the future. Will they be able to work together and save the future?

Glitch, Laura Martin

Also, we have some great new juvenile non-fiction reads to check out! Some titles to check out are: Dad Jokes for Kids, Dinosaur Lady, Yoga Animals, Women’s Art Work, and A Rainbow of Rocks. One of the books that I can’t wait to read is Nachos Nachos. I absolutely love nachos and this book has a recipe for the original Nachos Special. This book talks about the life of Ignacio Anaya, the inventor of the nachos (so he’s a really super cool guy). I know I can’t wait to read more about the invention of the nachos as well as try out an awesome recipe for my all-time favorite snack!

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New Young Adult (YA) Books

Hi guys—It’s Ms. Hannah! I know school has started and things are different right now but I wanted you all to know that I’m still here at the library thinking of you! Because I’ve been thinking of all my teens out there I have been ordering a lot of new books. So, every month I am going to be doing a little blog post talking about some of the new books I’m adding to the collection. Here are this month’s picks:  

The first one is Fractured Tide by Leslie Karen Lutz. It should be just another ordinary scuba tour for Sia, but instead she and her group are attacked by a strange monster. The next thing Sia knows she has washed up on an island, trapped between the monster in the water and the unknown danger of the jungle. This book is all about trying to survive, a lot of the reviewers say it is a cross between Lost and Stranger things; so, if scary monsters and island survival is your thing this book is definitely for you.  

Fractured Tide, Leslie Lutz

The second book is The Girl in the White Van by April Henry. This is a real-life horror story about a girl being kidnapped on her way home, she soon discovers that she is not the only captive and they must work together to escape or die trying. This is a thriller for those who enjoy the suspense and realistic situations with smart and strong protagonists.  

The Girl in the White Van, April Henry

And my final pick is He Must Like You by Danielle-Younge-Ullman. It’s about Libby who is working at a waitress, raising money for college and trying to figure out what to do when her dad plans on kicking her out at 18. When a local big wig takes it too far and harasses her at work she loses her cool and fights back. Here is a look at what happens when a woman just can’t take it anymore; tired of the issues caused by the men in her life and ready to stand her ground. This character represents many of the feelings and issues women deal with all time and the anger they are often unable to express. If you are looking for a book about real life harassment, consent and social power, this is the place to start. I’ve already got it on hold and can’t wait to see what Libby will do next. 

He Must Like You, Danielle-Younge-Ullman

StudentAccess and YOU! (yes, you there reading this)

Don’t forget! Students from Iredell-Statesville, Mooresville Graded, American Renaissance, Iredell Charter, Langtree Charter, Pine Lake Prep, and Success Institute have a StudentAccess account that uses their student ID number as a lunch number (the PIN for the account is the last four digits of their ID number). Students can use this account to get up to 25 books from the Iredell County Public Library and access to the library’s digital collection and resources. Check out this link for more info and FAQs. If you changed schools, moved recently, or think your account is expired—don’t worry! Your account should be up and running by the end of October.