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Sep 01

[ARCHIVED] Week of September 11th, 2020

The original item was published from September 11, 2020 to September 1, 2020 11:39 AM

Hello everyone!  We are now into the second week of September. I’m hoping that everyone is doing well and adjusting even better. 

For several months, us adults have been discussing subjects like Coronavirus, the pandemic, the election, voting, and racism. It’s been on television, radio and all forms of social media and discussed in our households. It’s kept us anxious, stressed, emotional, angry, sad and many other emotions. But guess what? The children hear it and see us talking about all these issues.

So what do we say to them? Are there subjects we shouldn’t talk about? Do we sugar coat it or be completely truthful? They are children, after all. There’s a lot going on right now, there’s no way to shield our little ones. 

I think we need to be upfront with the children, just try to explain it on their level which can be challenging for sure.

I found a very helpful link that talks about finding out what kids already know, opening up dialogue, what feelings they may be having, and helping them to find comfort, security and more.

Some books we carry at the library that may help you discuss some of these subjects are:

duck            61ns5sA5T7L       hair
Duck for President, by Doreen Cronin        The Feelings Book, by Todd Parr     Can I Touch Your Hair?, By Irene Latham

Although some books may be a little lengthier than you would like, it’s ok to shorten them by doing more of a “book talk”, and explaining the pictures instead of trying to read every page, especially to younger children.

We can definitely help out by offering you our Express Books for Educators service. Express Books for Educators is a new branch of our Express Books services, especially for--you guessed it--teachers and childcare institutions. 

If you are already one of our outreach institutions, these materials can be dropped off by our contactless outreach service.

Through this service, you can receive up to 25 books hand-picked by yours truly by completing a short questionnaire containing questions about your group's age and preferred subjects. You can even ask for specific titles! Find the Express Books for Educators form here.

And as always, if you have any questions, concerns, requests for materials or ideas for upcoming blogs you can reach me by email or by phone 
704-878-3090 ext 3097.

Thanks and Be Safe! 

-Ms. Shannon