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Dec 30

Interviews with Iredell War Veterans

Posted on December 30, 2019 at 3:38 PM by Jenny Levins

The Fort Dobbs Chapter of Daughters of the American Revolution conducted interviews with U.S. Military War Veterans from Iredell County at the Iredell County Public Library in June, 2014. The interviews were part of the Veteran’s History Project sponsored by the Library of Congress.

The United States Congress created the project in 2000 to collect, preserve, and make accessible through the Library of Congress the personal accounts of American war veterans so that future generations could better understand the realities of war by seeing the veterans and hearing their stories. The interviews have been preserved at the Library of Congress and made available for checkout at the Iredell County Public Library. 

In 2010, Kathleen Hatchett, the Forts Dobbs Regent, proposed that the Chapter take up the project with members interviewing, videotaping, and processing interviews with service veterans in Iredell County. The Fort Dobbs Chapter of the DAR has to date recorded over 100 interviews with men and women who served our country during wartime.  Rev. David Comer, with “From Generation to Generation” in Statesville, also participated in the project recording nearly 20 interviews with Iredell County war veterans at our library. 

The Iredell County Public Library has 118 interviews with Iredell County war veterans available on DVD for checkout at the headquarters library in Statesville. A special display featuring the interview collection with information about the Veteran’s History Project with sign-up forms is inside the front entrance to the library on the left. These interviews are of men and women from right here in Iredell County. Each one of their stories is a part of the history of our country. It’s so important that these interviews be recorded while there is still time. Our country’s last World War I veteran, Frank Buckles, died in February of 2011.  It is estimated that of the 16.1 million World War II veterans, fewer than 1.7 million are still alive. They are dying at a rate of more than 600 a day. Below is a list of those whose interviews now available at the library.

Howard Adler, US Army 1939-1945, James Baker, USMC 1954-1968, Henry Bauer, US Army 1939-1945, Dale Beatty, NC Natl. Guard, 1996-2006, John Beyerle, USAF 1963-1985, Mark Beymer, USMC, 1964-1972, Susie J, Biddix, US Army, 1982-1992, Donald Blake, US Army, 1967-69, Samuel Sherwood Boorse III, USMC, 1969-89, J. Brad Borders, US Army, Operation Iraqi Freedom, Charles M. Bost, US Army, WWII, Battle of the Bulge, Mildred Ikard Bourgeois, US Navy 1939-1945, Robert Brady, USAF Korea/Vietnam, Michael Brannen, US Army, 1965-68, Charles Brannon, USMC, WWII Okinawa, Korea, Mitchell Stevenson Brawley, US Navy 1939-1945, Elizabeth Sherry Broere, nee Sherry, US Marines 1939-1945, John William Broere, US Navy 1939-1945, James Brooks, US Navy, US Navy Reserves, WWII Pacific, Herman L. Bullard, US Army, 1956-1981, Ray Bunton, US Navy, Vietnam, Burl Carr, US Army, 1957-1985, Roger Carter, US Army, Vietnam, James "JD" Chamberlain, US Navy, 1942-45 USS Block Island, Max Cloaninger, US Navy, 1944-46 USS Indianapolis Rescue, Darryel Connell, US Army, 1966-68, Vietnam, Anthony Consalvo, USMC, 1966-68, Martin Corriher, US Navy, WWII 1943-45, Michael Coutchure, US Army, 1966-1968.

Ralph Dagenhart, US Army, 1966-71, Vietnam, William "Bob" Dellinger, US Army, 1952-1954, Robert Donaldson, USAF 1970-74 and Reserves, Nicholas Economou, US Air Force, Vietnam, David Edwards, US Navy 1983-89, James Epperson, US Air Force 1942-45, Hugh Harris Ervin, US Navy 1939-1945, William Ervin, US Navy, 1944-1946, Rich Fernald, US Army Natl. Guard, 1964-1969, Randall Ford, US Navy Natl. Guard, 1987-2009, F.W. (Bill) Furches USMC 1964-68 Vietnam, Albert Gaylord, US Army 1971-1997, William "Bill" Gill, US Army 1949-1969 Vietnam, Korea, Pervie Sylvester Goforth, US Army 1939-1945, Henry Gerald Grant, US Navy 1939-1945, Larry Hampton, US Army 1968-1971 Vietnam, C. Thomas Harkey, US Army 1967-1969 Vietnam, Thomas Harrell, US Army Air Corps. WWII--China, Burma, W. "Buddy" Hemric, US Marine Corps 1962-66, Dr. Robert Hudgins, DVM, US Army 1941-43, Leon Ijames, US Army 1966-68 Vietnam, Michael James, US Army Vietnam, James Jamison, US Marine Corps WWII 1943-46.

George Kalmar, US Army Air Corps WWII 1942-46 Germany, George Keckeisen, Jr., US Army 1971-93 Cold War, OP. Just Cause, Desert Storm, Richard Keenan, US Army Air Corps WWII 1943-45 Italy, France, Rhineland, Roger W. Ketchie, US Army 1963-65, Philip Klvana, US Army 1956-64, Moffett P. Knox, US Army 1940-45 NC Natl. Guard, Donald Koepnick, US Army, 1967-70 Vietnam, Thomas Kyles, US Army World War II, Sanford Lee Lazanby, US Navy 1939-1945, Lonnie Long, Vietnam, Christopher "Skip" McCall, US Army 1971-73 Vietnam, Collier "Cash" McCall, US Air Force 1953-1961, Leonard McCutcheon, US Army 1941-46 Saipan-Okinawa-IeShima, M. Patrick McDonald, US Navy Active and Reserve 1973-1994 Desert Storm, Victor McIntyre, US Navy 1943-1985 WWII, Battle of Guam, Korea

William Marshall, US Army 1953-1955, Peter Meletis, US Marine Corps 1949-1955 Korean

Chester P. Middlesworth, US Air Force 1949-1956 Korea, Strategic Air Command, Lee Harding Middlesworth, US Navy 1939-1945, Gary Miller, US Navy 1969-1978 Vietnam, Joseph W. Miller, US Army 1954-1956, T. Terry Miller, US Army 1968-73 Vietnam, Gary Murphy,US Army 1966-68.

Kenneth Neff, US Coast Guard 1942-45, Wayne G. Nelson, US Navy 1956-1960

R. Anthony Nichols, US Army 1988-1993 Desert Storm, Lawrence Nosker, US Air Force 1966-70 Vietnam, James Pemberton, US Marine Corps 1986-1994, Raymond Penninpede, US Army 1967-69, David P. Phillips, US Navy 1971-1995, William "Bill" Redman, Jr., US Army 1954-1974, Carl C. Reid, US Army Air Corps 1942-46 Burma China, Matthew M. Reyes, US Army 1985-1994 Desert Shield Desert Storm, Robert Raeford Rhyne, US Army 1939-1945, William Ralph Rhyne, US Army 1939-1945, Arthur Mund Rogers, US Navy WWII--Manhattan Project

David Wayne Rogers, US Army 1939-1945, Elmer Arthur Rogers, US Navy WWII, Gary D. Rutten, US Army 1964-66, Cecil Sain, Sr., US Navy 1943-45, Stacy R. Sain, US Navy 1991-99 Desert Shield, Bosnia, Stephen T. Savoy, US Navy 1975-1980, James Ernest Schenk, US Navy 1966-72 Submariner, Gary E. Schultz, US Army 1965-73, James H. Scott, US Army WWII 1942-1946, Joseph P. Sparacio, US Army 1968-70 Vietnam, Joseph Lawrence Stallings, US Army 1961-1975, William Reid Summers, US Army 1939-1945, Paul Summerville, US Navy 1943-46, Billy B. Swicegood, US Army 1962-64.

David Vigliotti, US Army 1965-1967 Vietnam, Brohn Ware, US Army Korea, Jason B. Wenze, NC Natl. Guard 2004- Operation Iraqi Freedom, James O. Wesson, US Navy WWII 1939-45, Pauline Bell White, US Army Nurse Corps 1942-45 Africa, Europe, Brian Whitley, US Air Force 1959-67 NC Air Natl. Guard 1978-1992, Kenneth C. Wilkerson, US Army 1949-53 Korea, Stephen T. Williams, US Army 1969-71 Vietnam, Dale W. Wilson, US Army 1968-1970 Vietnam, George J. Wilson, US Navy 1952-1956 Korea, Bobby Daniel Woody, US Air Force 1957-1961, Dwight Wuertz, US Air Force 1952-56, Edgar R. Yarbrough, US Army 1954-1957, William G. Young, USMC, Robert Anderson York, US Coast Guard 1939-1945.


Joel Reese, Local History Librarian

Iredell County Public Library

This article was published in the Statesville Record and Landmark in June 2014