Cemeteries of Iredell County

Cemeteries are landmark treasures that hold millions of individual stories of people who walked the earth. Iredell County is home to over 260 cemeteries where the early pioneers and ancestors of today's residents are laid to rest. Many of these cemeteries are lost or in various states of decay and neglect. The Local History & Genealogy department is committed to preserving these sites and educating landowners whose property contains a cemetery on the importance of the survival of these cemeteries. We are currently conducting a survey of all the cemeteries in the county. The last survey was completed in 1999 by Russell and Irene Black, members of the Genealogical Society of Iredell County. Other previous advocates such as Frances Queen (1975), Mildred Miller (1990), and Katherine Alexander (1980s) have also greatly contributed to recording the history and genealogical information from these cemeteries. 

Below is a comprehensive list of all the known cemeteries in Iredell County. Many descriptions are from the 1980s and '90s when previous surveys were conducted, and therefore their information is outdated. We also have a list of all abandoned cemeteries whose locations are unconfirmed. If you are familiar with the area and have knowledge of any of these burial sites, you are encouraged to contact the library and let us know. 

The Iredell County GIS Mapping Division has also contributed to these efforts by creating an interactive map which shows the locations of all known cemeteries in the county. This map is being updated as new information is discovered. 

Use the links below to assist in your research, help with the Iredell County cemetery survey, or educate yourself and others on the importance of cemeteries and how they are protected by state laws.

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