Iredell County Records

The library has digitized hundreds of microfilm reels of local county records. To access the Iredell County collection in its entirety, click here. To browse specific categories, click the links below.

These records include membership rolls, meeting minutes, church histories, directories, photos, newspaper articles, and more.
Berea Baptist
Bethany Presbyterian
Bethel Baptist
Broad Street UMC
Concord Presbyterian
First ARP
First Presbyterian (Mooresville)
First Presbyterian (Statesville)
Grassy Knob Baptist
Hebron Baptist
Holy Trinity Lutheran
Methodist Churches
New Perth ARP
Prospect Presbyterian
Sharon Lutheran
Snow Creek Methodist
St. John's Lutheran
St. Martin's Lutheran
St. Michael's Lutheran
St. Paul's Lutheran
St. Philip the Apostle Catholic
Trinity Episcopal
Court RecordsAssignees, Receivers, and Trustees
Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions
Special Proceedings 1788-1925
Divorce Records 1855-1913
Equity Minute Docket 1828-1868
Grand Jury Reports 1855-1937
Inventory Docket
Superior Court Minutes
Appointments of Clerk of Court 1856-1940
Appointments of Register of Deeds 1856-1940
Appointments of Justices of the Peace 1868-1895
Jury Lists 1860, 1866
Deeds and Property RecordsHomestead and Personal Property Exemptions 1869-1933
Index to Maps and Plats 1924-1981
Land Grant Office, Warrants and Plats
Maps and Plats 1917-1972
Record of Deeds
Land Entries 1789-1905
Government RecordsBoard of Commissioners Minutes 1868-2004
County Accounts and Buildings 1815-1918
Records of Elections 1878-1964
Marriage RecordsMarriage Licenses
Marriage Register
Marriage and Cohabitation Certificates 1851-1867
Marriage Register 1867-1882
Marriage License Court Records 1822, 1914
Marriage Bonds 1790-1866
Cohabitation Certificates 1866-1867
Miscellaneous RecordsBoard of Education Minutes 1885-1981
Certificates of Registration 1888-1981
Civil War Pensions 1901-1935
Habeas Corpus Petitions 1856-1936
Officials Bonds 1868-1914
Personal Accounts 1819-1892
Railroad Records 1860-1928
Road Records 1855-1917
Slave Records 1823-1872
Tax Records
Timber Records 1902-1936
US Federal Emergency WPA Files
Admissions to the Bar 1871-1916
Agreements, Leases, and Contracts 1892-1947
Apprentice Records 1866-1922
Attorney Records 1911-1927
Auctioneer 1852
Automobile and Gas Dealers 1921
Bank Liquidation 1939
Bankruptcy Proceedings 1868-1926
Canals and Drainage 1906-1930
Chattel Mortgages 1893-1949
Check 1863 Dudley to Tomlin
Citizenship Petitions 1857-1906
Clerk of Superior Court Inspection 1927-1933
Commutation of Sentence, McManaway 1905
Confederate Charges
Contempt Proceedings 1905
Correspondence 1825-1934
Debts to Feimster Firm 1873
Ebenezer Academy Records 1822-1856
Exchange of District Court Judges 1916-1937
Federal Tax Return, Hendren 1942
Free Trader 1917
Governor Judge Appointments 1867-1910
Grandfather Clause to Vote Qualifications 1902
Home Insurance Policies 1889, 1943
Incorporations 1889-1893
Insolvent Debtors 1849-1897
Mill Records 1906
Name Changes 1931-1941
Naturalization Records 1858-1917
Oath of Allegiance 1865
Partnership Records 1926, 1938
Justice of the Peace Appointments 1875-1892
Powers of Attorney 1808-1945
Property Delivery Bond 1873
School Records 1889-1900
Settlement Record, Booe v. Long 1919
Solicitors Reports 1876-1913
Trademark Registration 1923
Voter Oaths 1868
Vital RecordsCoroner Inquests 1854-1968
Funeral Register 1919-1936
Index to Vital Statistics 1913-1981
Wills and Probates RecordsAdministrators Bonds 1846-1970
Administrators, Executors, and Guardians 1868-1947
Estate Records 1790-1970
Index to Final Accounts 1788-1970
Inventories of Estates and Sales 1845-1865
Orders and Decrees 1869-1893
Record of Accounts
Record of Settlements 1868-1895
Record of Wills
Women, Children, and Poor RecordsAccounts for Indigent Children 1913
Apprentice Bonds 1866-1896
Bastardy Bonds 1855-1913
County Home Account Books 1903-1916
Dowers and Widows year Support 1867-1970
Guardians Bonds 1846-1939
Lunacy Records 1871-1939
Record of Guardian Accounts 1894-1970
Abandonment of Children
Child Custody Records 1875-1917
Child Support Records 1914-1937