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One of the best ways to organize historical information is through indexes. The Society has a variety of different types of records (mostly copies of originals from the State Archives). The indexes have been constructed to assist researchers by providing basic information such as names and dates. While you are looking through the indexes, if you find a record that might be of interest to you, requests can be made to the library to view copies of the documents that are on file. 

Digital Collections

The long-term goal of the Genealogical Society and the library is to digitize as much of the collections housed in our facility as possible. Once digitization efforts have begun, materials will start to be published online. Some of the items to be digitized include family Bibles, journals, business ledgers, personal papers, and more. Stay tuned for updates!


Photographs have been donated from various Iredell families throughout the years and we intend to digitize these and make them available online. This is only a small part of the Society's long-term digitization efforts.