Library Strategic Plan

The Iredell County Public Library FY 2021-2025 Strategic Plan leads the way to the future, presents how we will build upon current library service, move our libraries forward, and address the needs of our diverse community. Public libraries strive to understand and meet the needs of their communities. Our Strategic Plan is designed from feedback received through community surveys, focus groups, and forums that were conducted in the fall of 2019. The strategic plan focuses on the overarching themes and needs highlighted in the assessment developed from these findings. 

Our strategic plan provides a road map to success, outlining how the library will enrich the lives of everyone in Iredell County by supporting, empowering, and educating them to be the best they can be. The Iredell County Public Library aspires to be a vibrant hub of activity that celebrates the diverse community and culture of Iredell County, sharing stories of the past and present while promoting a prosperous future. 

The library’s strategic plan is closely aligned with the county’s strategic plan, especially in the areas of Education, Public Health and Well Being, and General Government. Each goal and objective of our strategic plan supports the reality that public libraries are relevant and essential not only in our community but in our world. 

As our county continues to grow it is imperative the Iredell County Public Library is able to be flexible to meet and respond to changing needs in the community. Over the next five years we look forward to having a continued open dialogue with the community, staff, and stakeholders as we plan for and implement our strategic plan.

View our FY 2021-2025 Strategic Plan.