Burial Locations of Military Veterans

"Burial Locations of Military Veterans in Iredell County” is a database listing the burial locations in Iredell County of men and women who have served in the military. The database shows those buried from the mid-1700s to the year 1999. This index is incomplete and is an ongoing project of the Local History Department at the Iredell County Public Library.

The locations of men and women who served in the military are still being discovered and burial locations of those buried after 1999 are also being added as they are found. We are sharing this database online to honor those veterans who came to rest in Iredell County at the end of their lives and to assist researchers. Inclusion in this database does not mean the veteran was born or died in Iredell County or while in service of their country. This inventory of most of the Iredell County cemeteries shows the location of those men and women buried in Iredell County who are known to have served in the military. 

The information has been gathered from various publications and online resources. Those wishing to assist in this effort by providing the names of veterans not in this database are encouraged to contact Joel Reese at jreese@co.iredell.nc.us or by calling 704-878-3093 x3093.

Burial Locations of Military Veterans in Iredell County
Burial Locations of Military Veterans in Iredell County

The images below are photos of unknown soldiers from the Stimson Photograph Collection. If you are able to assist in identifying these men, please contact Local History department.

  1. Joel Reese

    Local History Librarian
    Phone: 704-878-3090 x3093

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