Summer Reading 2019


This page is for the children & teen's Summer Reading program. For information on Summer Reading for adults, click here.

Summer reading is a program that libraries across the country run every year to encourage daily reading for all ages. The goal of the program is to remind people of all ages and backgrounds that reading can be a fun and rewarding activity. Reading during the summer ensures that students are prepared for the next school year and have maintained or gained reading proficiency. This year’s theme for all ages is Space: A Universe of Stories. The Iredell County Public Libraries encourage reading with a variety of fun themed programs, incentives and prizes for those who participate. 

Children can earn “library coins” in the following ways:

  • Attending Kickoff (double coins) 
  • Weekly reading log 
  • Weekly activity sheet 
  • One checkout receipt per week 
  • Attending a library program 
  • Referring a friend who signs up for Summer Reading 
  • Attending Finale (double coins) 
  • Registering for Summer Reading 

 At the end of the summer, we will have a library store with small prizes that can be purchased with library coins only. Research shows that the best rewards for daily reading may be enhanced vocabulary, increased curiosity and empathy, and improved reading scores on standardized tests.

Teens can earn entries into weekly drawings for a prizes. and for a grand prize at the end of summer in the following ways:

  • Registering for Summer Reading
  • Attending Kickoff (double tickets)
  • Weekly reading log
  • Weekly activity sheet
  • One checkout receipt per week
  • Attending a library program
  • Referring a friend who signs up for Summer Reading
  • Attending Finale (double tickets)

Library programs are always free and open for all ages and abilities. We offer a variety of programs that help teens express themselves creatively in a supportive setting with caring adults.

  1. Statesville Library- Ice Cream in a Bag

    Learn how to create your very own ice cream using items you can find at home! Read on...
  2. Childrens_Spot_E

    Statesville Library- Storytime: Taste of Space

    Come learn some interesting Space Food Facts Read on...
  3. lego 2

    Statesville Library- Movie Day: LEGO Movie 2

    It's been five years since everything was awesome Read on...
  4. Spot 2

    Statesville Library- Not the End of the Story Book Club

    Reading a book is not the end of the story. Read on...
  5. Spot 4

    Statesville Library- Teen Finale: Lock in at the Library

    Let's finish this summer with a bang! Join us at the Statesville branch for our Library Lock-In. Read on...
  6. Statesville Library- Tween Pinterest: Galaxy Bath Bombs

    Perfect blend of sci-fi passion, a love of astronomy, and another chance to do some hands-on chemistry that kids love. Read on...
  7. Statesville Library- Tuesday Teens: Rock Climbing

    Join us at the Statesville Fitness Center (1875 Simonton Road) as we prepare to tackle the mountains of Mars! Read on...
  8. key to escape

    Statesville Library- Tuesday Teens: Far Out Escape with Key to Escape

    Galaxy Quest Scavenger Hunt, breakout boxes, and an escape room experience. Read on...
  9. Beads

    Statesville Library- Galaxy Jewelry

    Learn how to create one-of-akind galaxy-themed jewelry Read on...
  10. Statesville Library- Film Explorers Showcase

    Come in and see the projects that the film explorers group has been working on all week. Read on...
  11. Film Explorers

    Statesville Library- Film Explorers

    Learn the basic elements of storytelling, camera operations, and editing Read on...
  12. arrival

    Statesville Library- Movie Day: Arrival

    A linguist works with the military to communicate with alien lifeforms Read on...
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