Late Fees & Notices

Late Fees
The following late fees are in effect as provided by Iredell County Code Section 6.5-1.
Materials Loan Period
Overdue Charges
Maximum Overdue
Charge Per Item
Books (Hardcover and  Paperback)  28 days
$0.25 per day
New Books
14 days
$0.25 per day
Audio Books 28 days $0.25 per day $5.00
21 days
No overdue charges
No overdue charges

Lost Items

An item is declared lost if:

  • You have reported the item as lost.
  • The item has been overdue for more than 90 days.

Damaged Materials

If an item is damaged but still usable, there is in no charge to the patron. If an item is damaged to the point that it can no longer be circulated, you may be responsible for replacement costs.

Late Notices

Notices of late items and unpaid fees are provided to you as a courtesy. You are responsible for all late fees and lost items charged to your card whether or not a notice was sent to or received by you.

Notices are provided according to the following schedule:

Notice Days After Item Due
1st Notice (Automated telephone call)
2 Days
2nd Notice (Automated telephone call)
5 Days
3rd Notice (Automated telephone call)
10 Days
Billing Notice (Mailed)
21 Days

Telephone Notices

Users with late items are notified through an automated telephone messaging system. The system automatically calls users 2 days after their items were due, 5 days after the item was due, and 10 days after the item was due. The automated system will leave messages on answering machines and voice mail systems. Users are responsible for all late items and late fees charged to their account whether or not the automated telephone message was received.